There are times when only something utterly unique will do. Something built around a magnificent opal, or an update to an heirloom piece. Maybe you'd like a replica of a vintage style that no longer exists. 

We are here to make that distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece a reality. Whether a custom diamond engagement ring, or a totally fanciful and whimsical editorial piece, if you have an image, we have an answer. 

We specialize in building pieces around a stone or multiple stones; we can provide initial 2D design before moving into CAD, so even if your idea exists only in your mind, we have the resources to bring it to life. 

Some of our past custom work includes:

  • Diamond-encrusted lighting
  • French enamel portrait pendant
  • Sapphire three-stone ring
  • Line bracelets made from customer's stones